Monday, November 2, 2009


So a couple of days after I last wrote here, I started experiencing these HORRIBLE pains in my right shoulder... and by horrible I mean I couldn't move my right arm or my right hand without feeling a blast of burning pain! As it turns out, I developed bursitis from the overuse of the shoulder - my guess is the overuse stemmed mostly from my wearing of heavy handbags strictly on my right shoulder. Until the pain I NEVER wore handbags on my left side.

After I was diagnosed, my doctor advised me to keep the shoulder iced, limit my use of my right arm as much as possible (hence the lack of blog postings lately... no unnecessary typing!) and - after the bursitis went away - start switching up the shoulders I use to wear my handbags. This advice got me thinking of how my limited way of living got landed me in the doctor's office in the first place...

Of course, it occurred to me before that I should probably start wearing my handbags on my left shoulder! Particularly after my first year of law school when I carried a huge laptop and heavy casebooks all on my right shoulder day in and day out - I just knew my right shoulder was never the same... but I did I stop? Nope. I kept going... stuck in my rut of right shoulder use.

The lesson: Limiting yourself means hurting yourself, especially if you live for too long with the limitation. I ended up with an inflamed bursa of the shoulder based on the way I limited my handbag use - and now an important aspect of my clothing style will be forever changed - for the better I suppose. What else has to hurt before I let go and truly live a life of freedom?

"Life has no limitations, except the ones you make." - Les Brown

Let me go find my ice pack.

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Cold Weather Colorama Drama

Winter weather has suddenly thrust itself onto the NYC Tri State Area and I am none too pleased! Ugh.

In my scramble to find my winter clothes (which were very tightly packed away!) I found myself bored and frustrated by the amount of blacks/browns/greys that overpower my winter outwear selections. Save for my brightly colored scarves, my winter gear reflects a total style rut! It makes sense though - winter tends to feel like a blah season and with blah seasons come blah colors and blah blah blah... and this was affirmed when I got on the train this morning: no one around me (that I could see) had on a spot of color. There just HAS to be a better way to do fashion in the winter!

So I set out to find that better way and boy did I FIND quite a bit! Check out my picks - there's no good reason for me to be stuck in this color-neutral style limit!

Not sure which one of these I'll get just yet. Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Style moment: Florals in the Fall?

Typically, I don't do florals and if I am doing anything "flowery" it's in the spring/summer seasons. However, when I found the dress in this ensemble I was inspired! Definitely a style moment!!

When your bank account appears limited...

...or maybe the title for this blog post should be "When my bank account appears limited..." because I'm not sure how many of you can relate to what I've been going through these past couple of months.

I'm unemployed, receiving unemployment insurance and volunteering at what would be a really great job if I were getting paid for it (without the pay it's just a really great volunteer position!) and all I can think about is the fact that I'M NOT GETTING PAID! It's frustrating. And focusing about how limited my bank account appears to be has limited my ability to see all the abundance around me....

I was feeling really sad about it. Frustratedly sad about it. It's really the reason why I've ignored this blog and my other blog and some of the other things I enjoy doing. Focusing on what appears to be a limitation is really what limits you... or I should say, it really limits me. Can you relate though?

After a bit of meditation using a technique I learned from reading this and from seeing the sonogram image of my new niece or nephew that my sister just sent me (which frankly, has me in tears! I'm so happy!) has shaken me out of this focus on my limitations.

The name of this blog is "Style Without Limit" - and to have a style without limitation you (or I) must live a life focused on the abundance of possibility.

Not in this blog, or in life.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's been a long time...

And in that time I've been so busy that I haven't had time enough to actually sit here and muse on style and explore fashion. No time to write but I haven't stopped musing and exploring style...

So this past summer I studied for and took for the 3rd time the bar exam in New York. In July, my friend and I chose to sit in a Starbucks in the city, right next to a huge window, and study. We got a lot done but our studying was always interrupted by the parade of styles that would pass by the window - I was inspired everyday stylewise by the fashionable ladies (and oftentimes, their babies) that lived and worked in the area. My friend and I would lament because we weren't in a position to really flaunt our personal styles this summer (it's hard to be cute when all you do everyday is study), but seeing the array of expressions of style kept me looking forward to life beyond the bar exam.

And here I am - beyond the bar exam and full of musings regarding style and ideas for stylesets that I can't wait to put together and share. I apologize for the hiatus - but I'm back!!


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