Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Style without limit?

It's my personal belief that we are in control of what limits us. We're limited in any capacity, in any area of our lives, to the extent we BELIEVE we're limited.

Among the many areas of our lives, the one in which I believe we limit ourselves the most is the area of personal style, i.e. the manner in which we choose to present ourselves to the world. There are some of us who actually don't have any concept of our style and are making it up as they go along, others who have a very definite idea of their style and there are those of us who are somewhere in between: who have an idea of our style in some aspects of our lives but no CLUE as to what our style in other aspects. I'd say most people fall into this last category. I know for sure that I'm one of them.

I wrote on my other blog a couple of days ago about not having found my voice as a writer - I'm not 100% sure what my style is. I can come up with genres I prefer - I love writing poetry and short stories, and life-experience based expository pieces (kind of like this!) - but the manner in which I use language within the genre (i.e. my style)? I'm not so sure about that yet. What I've realized since writing about my lack-of-voice is that I don't necessarily NEED to figure that out. Why limit myself?

So, one of premises of this blog is to explore the concept of style in a variety of ways and areas of life. Premise number 2 is simple: I enjoy fashion, styling people and helping others discover and embrace their style. I love it so much that I want to make it into a career (in addition to my legal and literary pursuits!) and I need to start SOMEWHERE. So I will be starting here. I'll be posting looks I put together, items that I think are worth noting and discussing why it's worth a note!

I have to admit - this is really an experiment. I am interested in seeing how far I can go with this concept - what it will turn into - if it will change my life or if it'll just be another blip on my radar screen. Let's see what happens.

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sharada said...

I have always said you are one stylish "sister". I love the articles and they are indeed thought provoking and will allow us to think about what style really is, embracing oneslef (still learning myself) and enjoying fashion. I will be keeping this blog on speed dial(smile).


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